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OKPay offers a lot of useful information and tools for both people who want to sell 1 or 2 products on their blog or website and for developpers who want to fully  integrate the OKPay payment processing functionality into their webshop.


Those can be easily created using the configuration forms on the OKPay site. No programming skills are required, so simple text links or secure encrypted buttons can be added to your website in seconds. You can add many parameters to suit your product or service. The Payment Links & Buttons Generator can be found in your OKPAY Profile Merchant section.
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The Instant Payment Notification system or IPN is OKPAY's messaging service that sends out transaction-related notifications. Once you have set up an IPN listner on your end you will no longer have to monitor your OKPay account for new transactions. every time a payment is made, the IPN will contact a script on your site and post the details of the transaction. This allows you to fully automate the sale of goods and service.
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  • API

Using the API developers can build custom applications, tools and services that use the same services and tools available through the main OKPay website. Typical applications include searching for transactions, paying en masse and making refunds.
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